Basic Energy Corporation

Basic Energy Corporation is a publicly listed holding company in the Philippines, with business interests in various fields of renewable energy and alternative fuels, and oil and gas exploration and development.

In a span of nearly 50 years since the company was established, Basic Energy has undergone a dramatic transformation from an operating company into a holding company. Aligned with its primary purpose of developing alternative and renewable energy sources, the company changed its corporate name to Basic Energy Corporation from Basic Petroleum Corporation in 2007.

Basic Energy continues to fuel the Philippines’ vibrant energy sector with the breadth and depth of its projects and technical knowledge. The Company aims to be the leading developer of alternative and renewable energy, oil and allied products and services in the country.

Latest News

Basic Energy looks to solar for additional revenues

MANILA, Philippines – Basic Energy Corp. plans to develop two to three renewable energy (RE) projects to bring in additional revenues while it is still in the process of developing geothermal prospects, its top official said. The company needs to develop other RE projects that “can bring in important short-term revenue” to the company, Basic…

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Basic Energy wants to pursue 3 RE projects

BASIC Energy Corp. is pursuing two to three renewable-energy projects, including the installation of solar photovoltaic farms, aimed at making the company profitable at the soonest time possible. “We’re in the negative,” company President Oscar de Venecia Jr. said after the company’s stockholders’ meeting when asked to provide initial assessment on the company’s financial position…

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