Investor Relations


Investor Relations Officer

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Investor Relations Programs

The Company’s Investor Relations Program aims to establish and promote a comprehensive and cost-efficient communication channel for disseminating relevant and timely information for informed decision-making by the Company’s shareholders, investors and stakeholders.

This communication channel may include, when warranted by the nature, materiality and relevance of the information, regular company disclosures and announcements, analysts’ and investors’ briefings, annual stockholders meetings, investor relations meetings and media briefings, among other venues, to ensure the timely, accurate and professional dissemination of public, material and relevant information to its shareholders, stakeholders and investors.

Underlying the Investor’s Relations Program will be a transparent framework and process that promotes and protects shareholders’ rights and allows shareholders to communicate openly and fairly with the Company. With these mechanisms, the Company plans to cultivate a synergic and lasting business relationship with its shareholders, that will be constantly engaged to foster the Company’s long-term viability, growth and sustainability.


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